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I’ll Have What She’s Having

Have you ever just been sitting at work, or home, or watching TV, or reading a book, and this thought comes to your mind. I really need a screaming orgasm!!!!!! Oh you don’t?  Well then, I guess pass me the ketchup … Continue reading

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Babies to Adulthood

Whenever I hear a young teenage girls, say “babies are so cute, I want one”, I want to just slam their heads together.   These girls need to take a year long course in motherhood.  Have to spend a week with … Continue reading

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You did WHAT? WHERE?

On the stairs?  On the washer?  In your parent’s room?  Where is the craziest place that you did the deed (had sex)?  Are you a strictly the bedroom deed doer? Or do you get fun and try different places? Once … Continue reading

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Saturday Six 8.28.10

 Following along with Boobies, Babies & A Blog and The Zombie Housewife Saturday Six.  So glad I started this blog that my kids don’t know about.  Tee-Hee-Hee 1.) Name a song that describes you, one that describes your sex life, and one … Continue reading

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Suck it

Let’s talk woman to woman here…Periods suck.  They are gross, and make a woman feel icky.  Nothing worse then feeling blood gush from your cooter for several days straight.  To keep that junk under control you either: A. wear a … Continue reading

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Pedicure Orgasm

Got a pedicure the other day.  Love those things.  Soaking the feet, getting pretty toes.  Trying to understand the girls (and guys) that speak in their native tongue.  But I have to say, this trip was freaking awesome Oh sweet … Continue reading

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Taking off the Masks

We all have them.  Masks.  The mask that we hide behind.  The mother mask, the wife mask, the daughter or son mask.  See what I mean. This blog is going to be 2 of us, taking the mask off.  Saying … Continue reading

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