Pedicure Orgasm

Got a pedicure the other day.  Love those things.  Soaking the feet, getting pretty toes.  Trying to understand the girls (and guys) that speak in their native tongue.  But I have to say, this trip was freaking awesome

Oh sweet jesus.  I couldn’t quite figure out which “massage” that was going on, but ummm, when it got to the seat part, and the balls of glory rose between my legs and ass, what to my delight.  If only there hadn’t have been other customers there.  And then I let my mind wander.  This would be great with a built in dildo.  The motion was just right that if placed right, in and out it would have gone.   The more I sat there getting “massaged” the better the idea sounded.

What?  You’ve never fantasized about that kind of shit?  I really need to get one of these for my own home enjoyment.


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One Response to Pedicure Orgasm

  1. Aubreigh says:

    It makes me really want a pedicure now 😉 I love them, hate the cost, and HATE not being able to understand the salon people!

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