You did WHAT? WHERE?

On the stairs?  On the washer?  In your parent’s room?  Where is the craziest place that you did the deed (had sex)?  Are you a strictly the bedroom deed doer? Or do you get fun and try different places?

Once in my life I was a tad frisky, and enjoyed some fun places.  Now looking back I think to myself, “WTF were you thinking?!  Someone could have seen!”  I’m talking places like on the side of the road sitting in the vehicle with the door open in daylight, on a trail at a local park, in a high school greenhouse ahem..   Yeah.  Crazy stuff.

Tell me your awesome deed places!

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3 Responses to You did WHAT? WHERE?

  1. Ariana says:

    In the High School Greenhouse???? Wow, you brazen woman.

    We did it outside UNDER the trampoline. Of course, the traveling blow job is fun, especially when the semi truck drivers drive by. haha

    I’m still stuck on the greenhouse. You go girl.

  2. Wednesday says:

    Hmmm. Hay loft? In the middle of a field? Lake? I don’t know how odd those are….

  3. Amanda says:

    My man would be all about doing it where ever,whenever, but i dont know, i have a hard time even being spontaneous in the bedroom. He says im no fun…. 😦 o well he still gets laid!(when im not tired)

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