Babies to Adulthood

Whenever I hear a young teenage girls, say “babies are so cute, I want one”, I want to just slam their heads together.   These girls need to take a year long course in motherhood.  Have to spend a week with every age of child from birth to 18.  Hell to 30. 

When we have small children, we are all caught up in the goo-goo-gaa-gaa’s.  Oh their so cute.  Then they get a little older and start getting an attitude.  We worry to death about them getting kidnapped, or hurt, or that the kids are bullying them.  Then we hear ourselves saying, I wish they would just get a little older.  They will be so much easier to handle.

Then they become teenagers.  Getting ready for the world.  They know more than us, and don’t mind telling us.  We worry every time they get in a car to drive it, or just as a passenger in their friends car.  We worry that they aren’t doing all the things we’ve asked them not to do.  Then we say, I wish they would just be an adult.  They will be so much easier to handle.  And I won’t worry anymore.

They become adults.  They marry and move out.  They have children.  You worry about their spouse being a good spouse.  You worry about their kids not getting kidnapped or hurt.  You get phones calls in the middle of the night telling you to come get their fucking spouse.  You watch and cry as your child makes stupid decisions that affect their spouse and kids. 

And you thought it would get better when they were just wee little ones.  It only gets more intense.  But after all of it, you love them anyway.  They are good kids.  Or maybe that’s just me.

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