Fawk You Friday 9.3.10

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It’s my first time at Fawk You Friday.  I guess you could say I’m a virgin fawker.  haha.  Brought to us today by Boobies, Babies and a Blog and her new co-hostess I’m Just Sayin.  Thanks guys, you rock.

To my brain, and big FU for not remembering even if I put conditioner on my hair.  What the fuck is wrong with you!!

To my supposed BFF from High School, FU!!!  Are you fucking jealous of me?  I’m so tired of you always trying to make yourself better than me, while trying to make yourself sound like you are “so much better”.  God, if I wasn’t getting a free lunch out of you tomorrow, I would just tell you to fly a kite.

To the shitteous I.T. guy here at work.  FU.  Or should I say, neener-neener.  Yeah, you are a douchebag.  Telling me that I don’t know what I’m talking about.  Ha.  I TOLD YOU what the fucking problem was.  And guess what, it was!!!  It wasn’t my computer, it wasn’t the internet provider, IT WAS THE PHONE LINE!!  I want your paycheck!! Fucker!!

Wow, I had some anger issues this week.  I feel like I have sufficiently “gotten off” and devirginated.


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3 Responses to Fawk You Friday 9.3.10

  1. You tell ’em! I actually got in a fight with my hubs last night about a computer issue we were having at home. Um hello I work for a computer company so you would think that he would realize that I would have a little more knowledge than him but oh no! He so thinks that he is smarter than me, but we will just let him think that for now! So glad that you linked up!

  2. aimee says:

    oohhh i would so love to fawk you friday my high school best friend!! but i haven’t talked to her since the day we graduated so she’d never see it and well hell that’s no fun!!! lol
    thanks for the great comment!! welcome to fawk youvilles!! it’s awesome! i love it!! boobies and i’m just sayin are AWESOME!!!
    love your blog!

  3. Boobies says:

    Don’t you just love being right? Especially over someone who is supposed to be the pro? LOVES IT!

    Definitely sounds like you have a jealous friend…why do some ‘women’ never grow up?

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