Sexy Sunday 9.5.10

Ahh, my favorite subject.  Sex.  Today I’m following along with JANA, STEPH, ANGE and ASHLEE for Sexy Sunday.  Today’s topic

Most Embarrassing Sexual Moment

Hmmm, let me think a minute. ………….

There was that one time that Stud Muffin’s nephew was spending the night with us.  This was when he was 8.  He’s in his 30’s now.  It was morning, we thought he was out in the living room watching cartoons.  So we started doing the sh-boing-boing.  I was on top, going to town, when all of the sudden we hear him in the doorway asking what we were doing.  Ummm, talking.  Good fucking thing I had my top on.  But that wasn’t the most embarrassing. 

The company I used to work for would have little get aways for the management team.  Being I was part of said team, me and studly were invited.  It was in a resort town about 5 hours away from where we live.  Of course, I can never go on a traveling trip with studly without give him car head, so the trip down was mighty fun.  After the meetings were over, and we were all headed home, I decided that it was time for me to have a road trip get off.  I was prepared, dress for easy access, no underwear.  We are traveling along.  Are about 2 hours into the trip.  I pull my dress up and show studly what I don’t have on.  He reaches over and starts playing with me.  Finally he says, why don’t you just show me how its done.  Well alrighty then.  I turn sideways so my back is at the door, spread my legs just so and start going to town.  Just then, to the right of us, is one of the other guys from the meeting.  We were in a little red sports car, him and his wife were in a pickup truck.  So being that he is so much higher than us, he can see right down to my seat. 

Holy shit, he waves and speeds up.  Where the fuck did he come from and what speed was he going.  We had been safe for 2 fucking hours. 

Didn’t stop me tho.  I had a screaming O, gave my studly another road blowjob, and we finished the trip with big smiles on our faces.

Thanks guys.  Remember when I said I’m an exhibitionist by heart.  Told ya so.

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One Response to Sexy Sunday 9.5.10

  1. Stephanie says:

    Probably made the other guy jealous! Lol

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