Bubble Thought Thursday 9.9.10

My first Bubble Thought.  I’m having quite the week.  This fine meme is brought to us by The Diva and MissC.  Check um out.  They just say it like it is.  I like that in a blogger. 🙂

These bubble thoughts today brought to you by THE PLACE I WORK.  Enjoy.

A customer calls the other day for bossman.  He asks if bossman is there.  I kindly say, no he has left for lunch.  What? He left for lunch?

Bubble Thought: Yeah fucker, he left for lunch.  It’s 2 in the afternoon, he’s probably hungry.  Get over it.

Customer calls for the counter.  Can I have your parts?

Bubble thought:  No, you can’t have my parts.  They are only for Stud Muffin to enjoy.  You perv.

Dumbass I work with comes into my office.  Hurt his knee over the weekend.  Is taking aspirin.  (aspirin?)  Asked him if he was going to go see a doctor.  It’s getting better he says, I have an appointment later with a masseuse.  They are cheaper than a chiropractor. 

Bubble thought:  WTF dude, first of all, aspirin?  You need to take Aleve or Advil or ibuprofen.  Aspirin?  What century are you from.  Next.  You should be going to the damn orthopedic doctor you dumb fuck.  And what is the chiropractor going to do, its your knee.  But a masseuse?  What you going to get there?  Your one eyed joystick worked on?  Geez

Whew, I could go on and on, but I must stop. 

Until next time

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