Saturday 6 (9.11.10)

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Hooking up again with Boobies and her lovely cohostess Zombie Housewife  for Saturday Six.   If you  are the weak of heart, do not read on.  

  1. If you could break one law for the rest of your life and not get arrested, which law would you choose to break & get away with?   Murdering any child sex abuser.  It would be my lifes mission to track down the fuckers and kill them, one ice pick stab at a time, first one to their genitals, eyes, ears, and then all over.  Yeah, they would die slowly, and I could really give a rats ass. 
  2. If you wrote a book based on your life, what would be the most “shocking” revelation you made in the book about yourself or something you had done?  Probably that when I was younger (like 11 through 13) me and my girlfriend would makeout and suck on each others boobs.  Not too shocking but I still think about it from time to time.  Never did touch each others vagina’s but would stand spread legged and look up at each other.  Is this normal?
  3. Has reading a book ever changed your life?  Which one and why, if yes? Not really.  Mostly because I read murder mysteries, so I guess the only thing it has “taught” me is that you can be murdered at any time and in a lot of different ways. 
  4. Where were you on 9/11/01? I was at work.  One of the managers that worked there came into my office and said “did you hear about the plane hitting the world trade center?”  I was like no, waiting for him to say the punchline because he was always telling jokes like that.  He had to tell me like 5 times before I believed him and then I went downstairs and watched the TV we had on the counter for our customers.  Not much work was done that day.
  5. Should marijuana be legalized?  Why or why not? I think as long as it was for medical reasons, it should be legalized.  Like you need a prescription.  The only reason that I say only for medical reasons is because my Stud Muffin’s brother and nephew have used marijuana for so many years, that they don’t have any decent brain cells left in their heads.
  6. Would you have a threesome if your significant other wanted to? Wow, this one is kind of hard.  I think if I could have a threesome with me, my Stud Muffin and a woman of my choosing (and you know who you are) I would be up for it.  Otherwise, probably not.  Now, having a twosome with said woman of my choosing, I could definitely do.

Ok, so number 2 and number 6 I have never admitted to before.  So don’t judge.  We all have our “little secrets”

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