Never Quite Good Enough

Honest to god.  Hold me back.  I’ve a rant coming on and I might blow.  You might even see me on the news.

I have a friend.  From High School.  We lost touch for many years, and in the last couple of years have hooked back up through Facebook, otherwise known as the spawn of all evil.  You can read about how I feel about it here, if you so want to. (it’s on my nice blog)

First of all, I think she has Blog Envy.  “She’s too afraid” that if she ever needs to look for a new job, any future company will find her blog and not hire her.  Me, if you don’t want to hire me because I have a blog, then I don’t want to work for your ass. 

But every single fucking time I write a blog, she decides that she has to leave a paragraph or two on the comments.  Most the time, bringing up facts about how much smarter than I she is, and oh, BTW (errr) you have this date wrong, and further more, I’m better, and blah, blah, blah.  I’m getting really tired of it.  I wish I had the nerve to just tell her to buzz off.  I don’t need her anymore.   She’s totally so nice and sweet to my face, doesn’t try to make me look stupid, but when she can be heard and not seen, totally different person.

Maybe I just take her opinion too much to heart.  Maybe I just need to have it fall off my shoulders like a snowflake.  I lived 30 years after we graduated without her.  I guess this is why I never stayed around her after we graduated.  I must have forgotten how I’m just not as smart. 

One of these days I will practice what I preach and tell her to go take a flying leap.  Till then, I guess I will just be posting rants every once in a while to get it out of my body.

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4 Responses to Never Quite Good Enough

  1. Sabrina says:

    She has MAJOR blog envy!!! One of these days she has got to realize what a bitch she is being…….if she has a heart at all. GRRRRRRRRRRR………..I am pissed right along with you.

  2. amyblam says:

    Tell her off. And then cut her out of your life. I had a bunch of “friends” like her and I got rid of about 80% of them. Less friends, less drama and more time for people I really like.

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