Resume for Security Team

It has come to my attention that I must apply for the job of Security Team for the Royal Family.  They know me well, from my “nice” blog, but as a member of the security team, I would have to be someone that the masses don’t recognize.

So without further ado, my sucking up for the position.

1.  I will never overshadow the royal family

2.  I will never drink your Gin.  I will protect your gin from other users.

3.  I will first kick some ass if they even try to get close to the royal family, and then take names.

4.  I will come out of nowhere, when needed, to defend the family from slanderous peasants.

5.  Before long, the local “authorities” will be eating out of my pocket”.  Therefore, arrests will go way down, revenues will go up.

Royal Family, if you know what is good for the family, you will hire me for the team.

ps:  if you would like to see the resume from my nice site, please email me.

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4 Responses to Resume for Security Team

  1. Holly B says:

    I will not chase Prince Hot Ginge all over the castle ( but I would end up breaking this pledge) he is just too yummy not to.

  2. CB says:

    I don’t know if there is a Prince Hot Ginge… But I’ve been fairly fucked up lately…. so I may be confused!

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