Naughty List 9.15.10

Following along again with Aims at The Mom Who Stayed Sober and a bunch of other hostesses.  Check her out to see the awesome ladies that co-host along with her.

Now on my naughties.

1.   Saturday went grocery shopping with the Stud Muffin.  We only had to pick up a few things at this one store.  We were headed up to check-out and while walking up the aisle, S.M. says, “is there anything else you need”?  And I said, loudly, “I need a really good orgasm”.   He really needs to stop setting himself up like that. 🙂

2.   I try to do as little as possible at work.  What? 

3.   If Shemar Moore were to ever be in the same room as me, I would totally give him a BJ.  And yes, S.M. knows I would.  He even calls him my boyfriend when we are watching Criminal Minds.

Till next time.

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4 Responses to Naughty List 9.15.10

  1. D says:

    Oh my god, I love Shemar Moore. I’d be happy to give him a BJ or absolutely anything else he wanted. Yum.

  2. MissC says:

    Shamar is majorly hot!!! Half the reson I watch Criminal Minds is for him.
    Thanks for linking up with us this week!
    Hope to see you next week too!

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