Fawk You Friday 9.17.10

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Being that I am not afraid to say fawk you, I’m following along.  And boy, I’m having a doosey of a FU this week.  Thanks to Christy at I’m Just Sayin’ and J at Boobies, Babies & A Blog for hosting this fine stress reliever.

To the fucking jerk that works at the desk just outside my office.  FAWK YOU!!!!  Quit leaving your damn cell phone on your desk when you go out to the counter.  It’s not doing you any good sitting there.  And its playing your stupid college teams “fight song”.  And you have a few people, can you say WIFE, that will call, and call, and call.  Oh, they don’t leave a message, they just hang up and call again.  One of these days you will come back to your desk and your phone is going to be in a bunch of little pieces.  Oh, too bad, so sad for you.  boo-hoo, tear, tear.

To the same dude.  What the hell was up the other day when your allergies were bothering you.  Wah-wah.  Get over it.  Push a 10 pound baby out of your dick and then I will feel sorry for you.  And what the hell was up with walking into my office with snot running out of your nose, almost to your mouth?  Are you fucking two?  I don’t want to see anyone’s snot, thank you very much.  Especially a 30 year old man’s.  Grow up you jerk,  and FAWK YOU!

Whew, feeling better.  Till next time.

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3 Responses to Fawk You Friday 9.17.10

  1. CB says:

    AWESOME!!! I’d have thrown a pack of Kleenex at the asshole!

  2. ratfacedgirl says:

    Some men are just the biggest, whiniest, bawl-ass babies. (Maybe it’s just the ones I run with)
    My biggest baby was 8 lbs and I did it with a smile.

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