Scamming for Votes


Ok, all 2 of you that are reading this blog, get your asses over to The Queens blog or just click on the above link and vote for ME, Ariana, Masks No More.  I’m up for one of the positions for security detail.  So you two, if you love me more than life itself, vote of me.  If you don’t, vote for me anyway!!!!  Go now, times a wastin’.

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2 Responses to Scamming for Votes

  1. Man, oh, man, I remember the 2-reader days! It was, like, a month ago. Hang in there. Just keep visiting blogs, emailing the ones the like directly, and one day, MAGIC! The readers appear out of nowhere.

    Love the name of your blog and looking forward to checking out more.
    Thanks so much for visiting me!

  2. ratfacedgirl says:

    Bet your ass I voted. I think you are in 6th…maybe 7th place. You gotta go rough some people up to get a few more.

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