Don’t Piss Off the Mama Bear

 One Crazy Brunette Chick

So as some of you may know from my other blog, we were evacuated from our home because of a fire in the mountains by where we live.  Considering the fact that we weren’t home when it happened and the roads were blocked off when we got home, we ended up at our sons house with nothing, but what we had with us when we left home. 

Me and my son work at the same place.  Since it was his house that we went to, we both called in and said we wouldn’t be there on Monday.  Yesterday we came back to work.  My boss, who is young enough to be my son, totally yelled at my son for not coming to work on monday.  Being that I haven’t even had a chance to “panic” yet, mother bear kicked in.  My son’s wife told me yesterday what was going on.  Since I was home, I sent off an angry email.  I have included a few of the paragraphs here.

I’m all kinds of pissed off right now.  I can’t even believe that you yelled at my son  for missing yesterday.  He had 2 families (7 of us) show up without notice at his house because WE COULDN’T GET INTO OUR FUCKING HOME.  We weren’t even home when they evacuated.  I had to have a fucking police escort to get my insulin.  We had maybe a total of 2 hours sleep sunday night.    I guess in your world it’s ok for another employee to miss about a month this year SO FAR (and get paid) and has more days for HUNTING scheduled off.  Every time one of your guys like my son  takes a day off, THEY MAKE NO FUCKING MONEY, but still have families to support and bills to pay.  Yeah, HE DIDN’T MAKE A FUCKING CENT yesterday but was providing for us.    

 You need to re-evaluate your priorities.  It’s ok for you to go to soccer games, or drinking all afternoon with a certain customer, but one day, one fucking day when FAMILY AND HOME was more important you had the audacity to jump all over him.  FUCK YOU!!!

Do you think I stepped over the line, or do you feel like I had the right to defend my son. 

I’m still all sorts of pissed off.  He did reply to my email, in the usual “try to brush it off way”. 

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6 Responses to Don’t Piss Off the Mama Bear

  1. ratfacedgirl says:

    RAWR. Way to get after the asshole. Did you cross the line? You’re asking the wrong girl…I’m the mom that all my kids’ friends are afraid of. Still.

  2. Boobies says:


  3. Dee says:

    Well said. I think it was appropriate.

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