Saturday Six 9.25.10

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 It’s Saturday.  Yippy Yahooey.  That means another fun filled Saturday Six with Boobies, Babies & A Blog and The Zombie Housewife.  Here we go. 

  • What’s the worst advice you’ve ever taken? You know, I can’t think of any advice I took that was bad.  I usually will go with my gut on most things.  So the worst I guess would be someone saying that some kind of food was awesome but that it totally sucked.
  • What’s your favorite expletive? Jesus Fucking Christ
  • Would you sacrifice your life for a strangers? No.  I would sacrifice for my family but not for a stranger, unless it was a little child or me.  I would totally do it then.
  • Are you an organ donor? I’m not but I’m thinking of changing that.  My cousins little girl had a liver transplant this year.  And it made me realize I could really help someone.
  • What would you want written on your tombstone?  Party At My Place
  • Who would you really like to punch in the face right now?  The stupid fucking men/women playing army and starting the whole mountainside on fire.  Let me at them. 
  • That was exhilarating.  Thanks gals.

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    4 Responses to Saturday Six 9.25.10

    1. I ❤ your dead body will be showing up I promise!!!!

    2. ratfacedgirl says:

      Worst advice? I remember one time a car salesman convinced me it was better to lease my truck, b/c in the long run it would be cheaper when I had the option to buy it at the end of my contract.
      Fucking liar.
      I loved that truck.

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