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Rumblings From Security

I heard a rumor that security has been roaming the street corners, making sure the girls are working.  PWT hasn’t been working the streets lately.  I have been walking said street corner trying to help the cause, but my god, … Continue reading

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Saturday 6 – 10.23.10

Saturday, the day I look forward to all week.  Let us follow along with Boobies and Zombie on this weeks adventure.  ps:  I hope they don’t mind that I use my lover nicknames for them.  🙂 How many hours per night/day … Continue reading

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Fawk You Friday – 10.22.10

So yeah, I’m joining in with Christy and Boobies so let the fawking begin. It has actually been an ok week.  Not many things have pissed me off.  I think something is wrong with me if I’m not pissing and moaning about … Continue reading

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Liquor Cabinet Stocked – Check

After being duly chastised by PWT yesterday, I have done my duty, to the Queen and her Royals, and filled the cabinet with Gin and other such drinks that the BoyToys might want.  And you didn’t think I could do my job!  … Continue reading

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Guarding The Little Princess in Training

 Whew, what a week.  I got the frantic call from PWT that I was needed PRONTO.  Little princess in training was doing the circuit, and she needed someone with her at all times that didn’t look like an adult.  Being the … Continue reading

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Saturday 6 – 10.16.10

 It’s Saturday again so you all know that I’m gonna be following along with my gals Boobies and Ashlee.  And away we go.  1.  Worst movie ever your opinion? Bridges Of Madison County.  I loved, loved, loved the book.  Cried all … Continue reading

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Fawk Off Friday & Blog Stalk – 10.15.10

It’s Friday.  Yee-Haw.  That means I’m gonna be telling a certain few someones to fuck off.  Yeah, I said it.  F.U.C.K.  I’m a little bit miffed.  Thanks to Christy and Boobies for this opportunity to get it off my awesome and excellent … Continue reading

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