Decorating PWT Style

I reported for duty this week, to help PWT decorate for Halloween.  What?  Just because she’s a sex goddess doesn’t mean she doesn’t get into the holidays!!

I donned my sexy clown outfit so the world wouldn’t know it was me.  Just some sexy clown whore helping decorate.  Out of the blue, some of the security team showed up.  I hurriedly push PWT into her home, knowing full well that those bitches were up to no good. 

See, some of the Royals are a little pissed off that PWT decided to hire a bodyguard.  Especially CB.  Here was a message she left me. 

The fuck??  Nope, Im pissed. Picking out my own personal bodyguard as we speak bitch!

See this CB, *holding out unshaking hand*, this is controlled fear.  Why do you think she picked me.  Cuz I’m that good.  I can kill your bodyguard with one finger.  Snooze you lose sista.

The security teams job is to make sure the girls are all working for gin money and keeping out of trouble with the law.  My boss has needs that have to be met without The Queen finding out. 

As you can tell, I’m doing a fucking fine job of it.  She has been off having a good time and nobody even knew.   Why haven’t you seen a post from PWT in a few days?  She’s making some money.  For Christmas presents.  It’s kind of hard to buy The Royals presents when all the money has to be turned over.  She picked up a little job on the side to be able to do that.  Wink wink.

1 Point Me

0 Points Security Team

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8 Responses to Decorating PWT Style

  1. The Queen says:

    You crack me up…

  2. CB says:

    You just wait whore. I’m going to get a mean ass bitch.

    I LOOOOVE Elvira!!

  3. PWT says:

    Kuddos for your decorating skills since Halloween IS my favorite holiday!
    Double Kuddos for not taking shit of CB. I *heart* that bitch!!
    Triple Kuddos for covering my ass and my stash!!

    I should have told you I am

    I realize you do what you have to as my body guard (and you can’t be expected to predict ALL of my psychological malfunctions). But in the future you will be required to carry my psychiatrists emergency contact information at all times. As good as you are, you are simply not qualified to handle a full blown Princess psychotic anxiety attack!!

    Other than that… You are totally the SHIT!

  4. Donda says:

    I am a trailer park ninja and that fuckin’ clown face scared the shit out of me. I need to go take my meds now!

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