Saturday Six – FMK TV Edition

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Time to play along with Boobies, Zombie and Ange‘s meme Saturday Six.  Today’s edition of Fuck, Marry or Kill is TV sluts.  You have to pick who you would do what with in each catagory.   Here goes.  The pressure.  No hate now. 

Dr. Phil, Maury, Jerry Springer.  God, this one is hard.  I’d probably marry Dr. Phil because of the three he is the only one I could stand to be around all the time.   Fuck Jerry because out of him and Maury, he is the lesser of 2 evils.  Maury, bang, bang, you’re dead. 

Oprah, Kelly Ripa, Tyra Banks.  Marry Oprah, she is super rich and would allow me to get the things I want.  Marry Kelly because she is just cute.  Tyra, you are dead.  I like Top Model, but god girl, you are one strange bitch. 

Snooki, J-Woww, Angelina.  Marry Angelina.  She if fucking hot and also very rich.  (it’s just been brought to my attention, that in seeing the name Angelina, I was thinking of the ever hot Mrs. Smith Angelina.  So strike that I want to marry her) Fuck J-woww, but be throwing up the whole time.  Snooki, bye-bye, death, and done fast.  You and Tyra would get along great in the great beyond. 

Vinny, The Situation, DJ Pauly D.  On the grounds of STD’s, I refuse to marry or fuck any of these guys.  So death it is to all three.

Nancy Grace, Barbara Walters, & Katie Couric.  Marry Katie mostly because she would not be home much, right?  Tell me I’m right.  Fuck Nancy.  I bet she would like it rough.  Barbara, you are dead.  Sorry, just have no desire for you.  So in the words of Heidi Klum, You’re Out.  (now Heidi, I would fuck her in a heartbeat)

Jay Leno, Larry King, & David Letterman.  God, must I.  Do I really have to.  Ok.  Marry David.  I don’t think he would want sex with me all that often.  I would give him his freedom to whore around.  Fuck Jay.  Make him pay for it.  That will be a million bucks Jay.  Kill Larry.  He is just kind of gross.  But wait, he is the closest to death, so maybe I should marry him and get something out of him when he dies.  hmmmm.  It’s a thought.

So, what do you think?  Click on all 3 of those lovely ladies to play along, or just to read others thoughts.

Till later


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6 Responses to Saturday Six – FMK TV Edition

  1. Ashlee says:

    The Angelina you married was Angelina from the Jersey Shore, who isn’t rich. lol

    Thanks for linking up, I too tried to pick the lesser of 3 evils several times! haha

  2. CB says:

    HAHA… Ash was purposely mind fucking you!

  3. Boobies says:

    Lmao at vomiting after you j woww romp! I would too!

    Bwahaha never thought about letting Dave whore around. You’ve figured out how to buck the system. I approve!

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