Mad As Hell

Yeah, I’m mad as hell.  What ya going to do about it?

I know, you are saying to yourselves, what the hell has crawled up Ariana and died?  I’ll tell you what.

Yesterday, I’m watching the morning news.  No, I don’t watch it for the news.  I watch it for the guy that does the remotes.  He fucking cracks me up and I need that before I go to work.  It gets my game face on.

Anyremotenews, Monday’s remote was with some “mommy bloggers”.  Yeah, mommy bloggers.  And they got to drive around in a Chevrolet for a month and blog about it.  I don’t have anything against you mommies.  I really don’t.  Hell, I’m a mommie, I just have older kids and grandkids. 

What I’m bitching about is why don’t they ever talk to the older bloggers?  The grandma bloggers.  Is there something the fuck wrong with us?  Have you seen some of the over 40 bloggers out there?  They are hot.  They don’t look like an older person.  They have things to say too.

 And why would a mommy get to “rate a car”.  Hell, give me a BMW, I’ll drive it for a month and rate the damn thing.  

Does the media ever talk to us?  I don’t know, maybe they do.  They talk to the ones that have 1000’s of followers.  Hell, some of them don’t even write their own blogs anymore. 

Are older blogs just not fun to read?  Hell, I laugh so hard on your blogs out there that I about pee my pants. (could it be because I’ve had children)

Maybe I just need to call the TV station and demand our fair share of the time.   I think a bunch of us would be awesome on some national shows. 

Ok, I know I won’t.  I’m really just a pussycat.  But hey, I just want it known that us older bloggers have great ideas and blogs too.

Till Later

A Super Pissed Off


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2 Responses to Mad As Hell

  1. Dee says:

    call the media! Asshats

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