Guarding The Little Princess in Training

 Whew, what a week.  I got the frantic call from PWT that I was needed PRONTO.  Little princess in training was doing the circuit, and she needed someone with her at all times that didn’t look like an adult.  Being the Chameleon that I was hired to be, I showed up as…………..


That’s right.  A little bit older Dora.  I know you are asking why, but with my ta-ta’s I just couldn’t be the little 4 year old version.  Besides, we were on the circuit, I needed to look my best. 

As we were walking to and fro, there were some little rat bastards that started in on L.P.I.T.   Now, knowing that her mom is teaching her the rights and wrongs of being a princess, she was holding her own, until an older boy of about 8 came up and started pushing her around.  B.G. Dora jumped right on that kid, called on Boots to kick the kid in the gonads, and asked The Map where we could find Swiper.  We had to go into the Food Court, around the Parking Lot and through the Dark Corridor to find him.  But we did it, we did it, we did it, Hooray.  (God, please PWT, don’t call on me that often to guard the L.P.I.T.)  Don’t get me wrong, I love the kid, but my next job better include naked men and lots of Amaretto Sours.  

On a serious note.  One of the Royals has flown the coop.  She will be sorely missed.  I think she just couldn’t stand it that PWT got to me first.  I was giving her such a bad time about it last week, that she left the Castle.  Apparently the Security Guards were not doing such a good job of running the place, or they would have caught on that something was wrong in Denmark. 

CB, sweetie, we will miss you.  You missed your grand chance when PWT swooped in and snagged me.  All I can say is, I’m glad you didn’t hire me, or I would now be in the Unemployed Bodyguard Line. 

And PWT, don’t you even think about leaving on a jet plane.  I am always watching you.  (fingers pointing at eyes and then pointing at you). 


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4 Responses to Guarding The Little Princess in Training

  1. PWT says:

    With the Royal family in mourning, your current mission is to restock all the liquor cabinets. I can’t send Amy or Sir because they’re already drunk as skunks. I could send them with a driver, but I know they’d forget what they are doing and spend the booze fund at the ‘TOY’ store! That just leaves you. If you’re too drunk, please hire a driver. We will happily reimburse you for the cost of the driver (it’s cheaper than the DUI) but we refuse to compensate for any extra-curricular activities you engage in while in transit. So if he’s cute… he better be FREE!!

  2. Boobies says:

    I’m all in black mourning today….it’s just not right!

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