Liquor Cabinet Stocked – Check

After being duly chastised by PWT yesterday, I have done my duty, to the Queen and her Royals, and filled the cabinet with Gin and other such drinks that the BoyToys might want. 

And you didn’t think I could do my job!  Shame, shame on you all.  I also wanted to show PWT how sorry I was for falling down on the job, so I started “dusting” things I found around the castle.

Yeah, that’s a grin on his face.  When I do a “job”, I do it well.

And lastly, since I was such an evil BG and ended up putting PWT in the little white unflattering jacket, I’ve gone out and bought her a little gift.  Do you think she will like it?


I just know that Security is going to have a real problem keeping up with her now.  bwaa-haa-haa.


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2 Responses to Liquor Cabinet Stocked – Check

  1. PWT says:

    LMFAO!!! Thanks woman! I totally needed that laugh! Now I’m off to hit the liquor cabinet and take my new wheels for a spin. Hope the ‘petty cash’ has enough in it for bail!

    *loved it*

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