Rumblings From Security

I heard a rumor that security has been roaming the street corners, making sure the girls are working.  PWT hasn’t been working the streets lately.  I have been walking said street corner trying to help the cause, but my god, PWT has the pickiest god damn Johns I have ever seen.  “No, it has to be PWT.  She knows what I like”.  Damn it PWT, why do you have to be such a hot bitch.  

I’ve been a smidge worried about you this week.  I know you are probably drowning in the gin right now, due to the fact that the streets have been crawling with clowns.  God Damn Clowns.    I gave your therapist a call.  He wants you to see him.  I have to do all in my power to get you there.  We are going to get you through Halloween without any more breakdowns. 

But hey, I got you a little something-something in case you have to go to the “spa” for some special treatment.

Isn’t that just the sexiest straight jacket robe you have seen.  I also got you some boots just to make sure you felt like you were in your environment. 

You are going to be rocking those hallways, that The Queen will be happy with the money you are turning in. 

As far as Security is concerned, you are on your corner. 

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6 Responses to Rumblings From Security

  1. Donda says:

    Those heels could be used as a weapon!

  2. The Queen says:

    The Royals thank you for trying to help out on the street while the PWT is cowering under her couch afraid of a clown. You bought her wonderful things and I’m sure it will cause her to come out. She never could refuse sexy shoes.. ha ha..

  3. PWT says:

    Awesome awesome awesome! I love it!!
    Have a wonderfully happy halloween!!

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