Drunken Tub Reflections

One Crazy Brunette Chick

The Dutchess gets really upset when we don’t play along with her.  And being that I am somewhat, sort of, kinda like, “part of the team”, I decided to play along in order to stay on the payroll.

We have a customer that gives me the heebie-geebies.  Not in the “I’m an axe murderer” way, but in the “not being into women/men his own age way.  If you catch my drift.  Came in yesterday to pay on his account.  He always talks to me in a weird voice, kind of like the “hey little girl, you want some candy” voice.  Should it not surprise me that he said, “I took MOM to Wendover over the weekend”.  Not my mom, just mom.  Got the picture of  Norman Bates and his weird relationship with his mom in my head.  (maybe I need to use my awesome PI skills to check this dude out)

Why must I work with some true weirdo’s.  I work with a weirdo that we will call, ok, weirdo.  He is in his older 50’s and thinks everything that comes out of his mouth is funny.  Yesterday he came into my office and announced that he had to leave because he had a doctors appointment or two.  Then he laughs his weirdo laugh and says, get it, number 2, and proceeds to show how the doctor is going to be shoving his finger up his ass.  I don’t know, maybe he is all excited about another man fingering his ass, but TMI weirdo.  Didn’t need the fucking visual.

I must to go wash out my ears and eyes now.  The 2 freakoids really need to just go down the drain with the water. 



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2 Responses to Drunken Tub Reflections

  1. Boobies says:

    LOL! To think that the world is filled with these weirdos is the scary part.

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