Fawk You Friday 11.5.10

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Time for Fawk You Friday.  Thanks to Boobies and My Mad Mind for this chance to get some bitches off my chest.

Fawk you once again weirdo that I work with.  Every word out of your mouth sickens me.  You are a freak of nature.  If my husband said half the stuff to your wife that you say to me, she would think I was married to a pervert.  Oh wait, she is married to a pervert.  You are sick.  Get help.

Fawk you to dumb ass people that don’t learn about their elected officials, but FOLLOW LIKE SHEEP to the slaughter others, because “that is who my church would want me to vote for”.  Grow some fucking balls, study and learn, then you have the right to vote.  Until then, fuck off. 

That is all I have this week.  I’m tired.  So Fawk me for being tired.

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8 Responses to Fawk You Friday 11.5.10

  1. Marvi Marti says:

    OMG I used to work the polls as a precinct judge…it sickened me what I saw in there! flipping coins, eenie meenie minie moe for choosing…it was so sad..

    • Ariana says:

      Ok, those people should be escorted out. There was a lady in line about 8 people in front of me, and she finished voting about the same time I did. She had her “who are they” book with her. My god, when you are voting that is not time to know the issues.

  2. Christy says:

    Can you threaten him with sexual harrassment? I mean really. And I am very particular about who I vote for. I almost vet them myself.

    Thanks for linking up with us and letting your fawks fly!

  3. Boobies says:

    I’m seriously worried that freak ass co-worker of yours is going to try to abduct you one day…you should carry mace to work! What a nut job.

    AMEN to the followers comment..I’d rather people NOT vote if they don’t know what’s what.

    • Ariana says:

      I’m truly not worried about him abducting me. I can whoop his ass, and he knows it. He is just so freaking strange. I get so flabbergasted by what he says that I don’t have my usual come backs.

  4. Alex says:

    TOTALLY have one of “those guys” at my work too. Luckily he moved areas, and I don’t have to see him anymore. *shudders*

    Have a fab weekend!


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