Trip To The Paint Store

So, you all know that PWT is planning on painting her child’s playroom.  What, you didn’t know that.  Well by damn, you better go check it out.  Freak people.  You must always know what PWT is up too.  Oh wait, I must always know what she’s up to.  I’m her bodyguard. 

Anypainting, she gives me a call and orders asks me to go to the paint store.  Being the ever chameleon that I am, I threw on had my body painting friend paint me on an outfit.  Why you ask?  Because you dumbasses, I was going to the paint store.  Duh.

Cool huh.  Yeah, that’s what I thought.  And I knew that if I looked “just right” for the boys, I could get some awesome discounts, and hand out PWT’s “business card”. 

So I headed to the nearest paint store. 

I chose this one because I just thought the name and building were so damn cute. 

I went in, of course, the men came running right to me.  There were some little old ladies in there that were mighty pissed.  But then, I was hot, so shut up bitches.  🙂

God, all of the sudden, I hear the little chiming of the door.  Look back, security is on my case.  Fuck.  That’s all I need.  Them wondering where in the hell PWT was, and what she was doing.  It’s the middle of the day bitches, she’s SLEEPING.  She had a rough night last night.  She turned in her money.  Go pick on one of the other royals.  We certainly didn’t see them all out last night.  Fuck off.  They started towards me, but I sprang into action, with my new found “boy toys” and we kicked their asses to the curb.  Ha, that will teach them the errors in their ways of not making me Royal Security. 

The boys sprang into action, got me the paint I needed and I was on my way.  Can’t wait to see the finished product at PWT’s place.  I’m sure it’s gonna rock.

Oh, and Queen.  PWT is going to be rocking the street tonight.  I have found some new “customers” for her.  And only her.  You other royals better keep your grimy hands off of them. 

I’ll be watching you!!!!


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4 Responses to Trip To The Paint Store

  1. PWT says:

    You are such a great body guard. I think you need a raise!!! I’ll have to start skimming a bit more from The Queen. 😀

  2. Boobies says:

    I totally want to get painted!

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