Some People Suck

What the hell is wrong with people?  

More and more I’m learning that some people just suck.  They are so unhappy in their own lives, that they have to try to bring down everyone else.  I find it so disturbing that there are bloggers out there that lie about who they are, send awful emails, can’t even post about their own fucking lives.  Are their lives so boring that they can’t talk about it?  My life isn’t always rainbows and unicorns.  They have to STEAL someone elses identity.  God, is sickens me. 

In all fairness, its not just in the blogging world, it is all around us.  I am getting really tired of the “bad” guys always getting away with shit, while the rest of us, sweat it out, trying to make a living, paying our bills, having our up moments and down moments, but we are the ones that get shit on constantly. 

Be assured, I am a real person.  I have feelings.  I get pissed when those I love get shit on.  And believe it or not, a lot of you that know about this blog, I really feel like are friends.  This is the blog where I can tell you how I really feel, without my kids knowing.   Not that I don’t mind my kids knowing stuff, but there are some things that a mom wants to say without them getting hurt.  Thats all.

This is just a rant.  I work with a couple of guys that get away with so much fucking stuff that I can’t even stand it anymore.  Don’t feel like coming to work, cool.  Don’t come in.  Don’t call,  Sure do it for a couple of days.  No big deal.  But another employee takes a day off to help their family, they get yelled at. 

I need to learn to filter myself.  I feel the pain of others.  I look for nothing but the best, then I get shit on.  I’m afraid to comment on anyones blog anymore, for fear that person isn’t a real person, but have stolen someone elses identity.  Or that they are mean, spiteful people that think that a death of a child is something to “get over”. 

I’m going to just become a robot.  Yeah, that way I won’t have any feelings. 

Rant Over 


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2 Responses to Some People Suck

  1. aubreigh says:

    Yes my dear, some people, a LOT of people do suck! Which sucks for us, the good people.

    Sounds like a lot of favoritism at your work. I’ve had jobs like that, hated every second of it. I of course wasn’t in the click of the favorites, so I constantly got shit on and had to take up the slack of their non working. Bastards.

    I hope things improve. Chin up girlfriend. Quack Quack 😉

  2. The Queen says:

    I feel your pain.. I really do..

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