Road Trip

I’ve been on a road trip.  Did it on my own.  The Royals were having a little trouble with a rat bastard.  Security has been busy trying to keep order around them so I took it upon myself.  Asked PWT for some time off.  Didn’t want her to know what the master plan was.

Threw on a little outfit that I knew would keep all eyes on me. 

Then I called on a few of my employees to come along.  Yeah, I have a firm.  Doesn’t all good bodyguard companies.

 Rat Bastard was totally hooked and started following me like a little puppy dog.  Natasha had my back.



All but one of my crew were following him.  Watching his comings and goings.  What a loser he is.   The homeless didn’t even want to talk to him.  Maybe it was because he was walking with “his wife” in all her plastic glory. 

While he was out, one of the girls entered his house, exchanged his computer with one of ours, was out in a flash.  We have all kinds, so he didn’t even realize it was switched.  She also installed a hidden camera to catch his reaction when he tried to log on to it.  hahaha.  loser.  BUSTED. 

We have installed little tracking devices to follow his every move.  And also his homely wife.  If they even try to get close, we will be notified, I will notify Security, and the Royals will be safe.

Remember all you Rat Bastards out there.  The Royals are not to be fucked with.  Big ole badass Karma is on your tail!!


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1 Response to Road Trip

  1. The Queen says:

    This is great.. this has been a rough couple weeks.. and I loved this.. glad you can join us on the road trip. I didn’t get your RSVP but since PWT showed up..I’m sure you are there to protect her..

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