Fawk You Friday – 11.19.10

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Whew, first of all, thank freaking god it’s friday.  And thanks once again to Christy and Boobies for the opportunity to sound off.

Fawk you papercuts.  What the hell.  Why are you so painful.  I decided that waterboarding terrorists is just to nice.  Lets start giving them papercuts all over their bodies, in all the most sensitive places, and I guarantee they will start talking.

Fawk you Brian David Mitchell.   Yeah the freakoide that kidnapped Elizabeth Smart.  God, you are an ass.  You are a pedophile and a conniving rat bastard.  I hope you get life in prison.

Fawk you wordpress.  What the fuck is up with not being able to link as easily as you used to.  Stop changing things that work.  Fuck, maybe I will just move this blog to blogger.  They are at least trying to make things easier.

Fawk you to the woman on Dr. Phil’s show on Wednesday.  I sat down last night to watch and couldn’t even get past the opening “what’s on today’s show”.  God, you shouldn’t be allowed to have children, while I have 2 sisters that can’t.  So yeah, fuck you.  I hope they took the poor boy away from you!

That’s all.  I really hate child abuse of any type.  Gives me extreme anger at god issues. 

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2 Responses to Fawk You Friday – 11.19.10

  1. The Queen says:


  2. SB says:

    the funny thing is while living in utah i met mr mitchells daughter and am now friends with her. it is a crazy world and i hope he gets what he deserves.

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