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Road Trip Competition

Come on over and read all about the Ice Sculpture Competition on my new site. Ariana Advertisements

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Day of Rest Roadtrip

As I mentioned, I’ve moved so come over and check out my day of rest on the Royal Roadtrip.

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Road Trip

OK, if you want to hear all about my first day on the Royals Roadtrip, you have to follow me over to my new blog  

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Dear Folllowers

I am moving.  Yeah.  Got tired of all the hardness of wordpress, so you can find me later today at Same girls, different place. Please come follow me.  One reason I want to move is to see who you … Continue reading

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Fawk You Friday – 11.19.10

Whew, first of all, thank freaking god it’s friday.  And thanks once again to Christy and Boobies for the opportunity to sound off. Fawk you papercuts.  What the hell.  Why are you so painful.  I decided that waterboarding terrorists is just … Continue reading

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Road Trip

I’ve been on a road trip.  Did it on my own.  The Royals were having a little trouble with a rat bastard.  Security has been busy trying to keep order around them so I took it upon myself.  Asked PWT … Continue reading

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Some People Suck

What the hell is wrong with people?   More and more I’m learning that some people just suck.  They are so unhappy in their own lives, that they have to try to bring down everyone else.  I find it so disturbing … Continue reading

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