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Fawk You Friday 11.12.10

I have a big ole Fuck You to a certain someone who is a stalker.  And then said stalker stalks people that leave comments on other peoples blogs asking them to “come read the other side of the story”.   I understand there … Continue reading

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Trip To The Paint Store

So, you all know that PWT is planning on painting her child’s playroom.  What, you didn’t know that.  Well by damn, you better go check it out.  Freak people.  You must always know what PWT is up too.  Oh wait, … Continue reading

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Fawk You Friday 11.5.10

Time for Fawk You Friday.  Thanks to Boobies and My Mad Mind for this chance to get some bitches off my chest. Fawk you once again weirdo that I work with.  Every word out of your mouth sickens me.  You are a … Continue reading

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Drunken Tub Reflections

The Dutchess gets really upset when we don’t play along with her.  And being that I am somewhat, sort of, kinda like, “part of the team”, I decided to play along in order to stay on the payroll. We have … Continue reading

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Just A Ditty for Your…….

Just a little something to start off the week.

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Rumblings From Security

I heard a rumor that security has been roaming the street corners, making sure the girls are working.  PWT hasn’t been working the streets lately.  I have been walking said street corner trying to help the cause, but my god, … Continue reading

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Saturday 6 – 10.23.10

Saturday, the day I look forward to all week.  Let us follow along with Boobies and Zombie on this weeks adventure.  ps:  I hope they don’t mind that I use my lover nicknames for them.  🙂 How many hours per night/day … Continue reading

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