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Some People Suck

What the hell is wrong with people?   More and more I’m learning that some people just suck.  They are so unhappy in their own lives, that they have to try to bring down everyone else.  I find it so disturbing … Continue reading

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Mad As Hell

Yeah, I’m mad as hell.  What ya going to do about it? I know, you are saying to yourselves, what the hell has crawled up Ariana and died?  I’ll tell you what. Yesterday, I’m watching the morning news.  No, I … Continue reading

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30 Days of Truth – Day 4

Day 04 → Something you have to forgive someone for. God, how come this question had to come up.  Forgive something that someone did to me.  I’ve actually thought and thought all week about this one.  There are 2 things … Continue reading

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Don’t Piss Off the Mama Bear

  So as some of you may know from my other blog, we were evacuated from our home because of a fire in the mountains by where we live.  Considering the fact that we weren’t home when it happened and the … Continue reading

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Remember, you get really mean when your forget to take your And you want to hurt people, cry and scream when you run out of

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Never Quite Good Enough

Honest to god.  Hold me back.  I’ve a rant coming on and I might blow.  You might even see me on the news. I have a friend.  From High School.  We lost touch for many years, and in the last … Continue reading

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Penis & Fuck

Today, I’m going to say all the words that make people “unfollow” me on my “safe” blog.  It wasn’t even like I used the word PENIS in a sexual manner.  The question was, would you eat pig penis for $1000 … Continue reading

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