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Dear Folllowers

I am moving.  Yeah.  Got tired of all the hardness of wordpress, so you can find me later today at Same girls, different place. Please come follow me.  One reason I want to move is to see who you … Continue reading

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Fawk You Friday – 11.19.10

Whew, first of all, thank freaking god it’s friday.  And thanks once again to Christy and Boobies for the opportunity to sound off. Fawk you papercuts.  What the hell.  Why are you so painful.  I decided that waterboarding terrorists is just … Continue reading

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Fawk You Friday 11.12.10

I have a big ole Fuck You to a certain someone who is a stalker.  And then said stalker stalks people that leave comments on other peoples blogs asking them to “come read the other side of the story”.   I understand there … Continue reading

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Fawk You Friday 11.5.10

Time for Fawk You Friday.  Thanks to Boobies and My Mad Mind for this chance to get some bitches off my chest. Fawk you once again weirdo that I work with.  Every word out of your mouth sickens me.  You are a … Continue reading

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Fawk You Friday – 10.22.10

So yeah, I’m joining in with Christy and Boobies so let the fawking begin. It has actually been an ok week.  Not many things have pissed me off.  I think something is wrong with me if I’m not pissing and moaning about … Continue reading

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Fawk Off Friday & Blog Stalk – 10.15.10

It’s Friday.  Yee-Haw.  That means I’m gonna be telling a certain few someones to fuck off.  Yeah, I said it.  F.U.C.K.  I’m a little bit miffed.  Thanks to Christy and Boobies for this opportunity to get it off my awesome and excellent … Continue reading

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Fawk You Friday 10.8.10

 Time to follow along with Jana and Christy with Fawk You Friday.  Also, with that One Crazy Brunette Chick and her Blog Stalk Friday.  All three of you ladies rock my world.  Here’s the thing.  People don’t want to follow along on … Continue reading

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